LineageOS 14.1 for v400 (G Pad 7 Wi-Fi)

Hello, v400 users!

Today I’ve built LineageOS for v400 using the device source tree in LineageOS GitHub. Saulo has tested it and he says it’s working fine.

So, since I’m not v400 maintainer, what can I do for you? I will make monthly builds using the source tree above and upload it to this server. I won’t make announcements of new builds, so you will have to check the downloads directory.

The download directory which contains v400 builds is:

In this directory you will find the old CM-14.1 ZIP (I always keep my old files) and the monthly LineageOS ZIPs. If this device gets weekly official builds, I will stop building by my own. I’m only doing this to help v400 users. I won’t make changes to its code nor fix things since I don’t have this device to test.

Anyway, happy flashing! 🙂

LineageOS 14.1 for LG G Pad 7 (Wi-Fi) "About tablet" screenshot

LineageOS 14.1 for LG G Pad 7 (Wi-Fi) “About tablet” screenshot

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LineageOS 14.1 for v480 and v490

Hello, all! New LineageOS builds are ready!

What changed? Nothing but its name. There is nothing new yet since CM-14.1.

The ZIP files and install instructions can be found in LineageOS page of this blog.

Have a nice flashing! 🙂

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New TWRP builds

Hello, all!

Are you enjoying the summer? (sorry for those who are freezing right now :p)

Andrew has made new builds for both v480 and v490. While I’m in my parent’s beach house, he is still working. 🙂

This was the only thing that was not up to date in our devices. I’ve tried to build TWRP 3.0.2, but it failed every time I did. Andrew made it work. The download links can be found in LineageOS page in this blog.

Now, I’m going back to my vacations. There are too many beers in our refrigerator. 🙂

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G Pad 8 ports and the future: LineageOS

Hello, all.

Many may be confused about the end of CyanogenMod project and the beginning of LineageOS. I’ll try to clarify some things in this post.

1) LineageOS is the continuation of CyanogenMod project. Since Cyanogen, Inc. has the copyright of “CyanogenMod”‘s name, it is being re-branded. Just that. The same team that have been working on CyanogenMod will work on LineageOS.

2) The same devices that had a CyanogenMod port will have a LineageOS port. I’ll keep maintaining v480 officially and v490 unofficially (since I don’t have a v490 device to make tests, I can’t make it official. Thanks to Andrew, there is a v490 port).

3) I’m not v400 maintainer and I didn’t port it. It was previously ported by invisiblek. I just compiled it from source, so v400 users could have CM-14.1. I can keep doing this in LineageOS, but keep in mind that I’m not v400 maintainer.

4) A LineageOS port for v480 and v490 will take some time to happen for two reasons: LineageOS infrastructure is still being built and I’m going for vacation in January. 🙂

Follow this link for a more complete explanation about LineageOS (it’s written in Italian, but Google Translator can help you).

Happy New Year!

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CM-14.1 for v400

Hello, everyone!

A guy asked me about v400 this week. v400 had CM-13 official builds, but no CM-14.1, although its source is still in CyanogenMod’s Github repo. The problem is that no maintainer has this device to test changes and maintain official builds.

So, I got its source tree and built it! Saulo, the guy who asked me about it tested and told me it is working. The build is in the link below.

WARNING: This is what I call a blind build (I don’t have the device to test).

I can keep monthly builds for this, just to help v400 owners. I’ll create a section for this device here. If you want to know how to onstall this build, check CyanogenMod’s wiki.

CM-14.1 for v400 screenshot

CM-14.1 for v400 screenshot

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v490 has joined the party!

Hello, all!

More good news tonight! CyanogenMod 14.1 is (almost) ready for LG G Pad 8 LTE (v490 model)!!!

Andrew and I have build a functional port for v490. Some stuff are not working yet, but you can already have a CyanogenMod installation in you device!

Also, Tap to Wake now works on v480 (and soon will work on v490, too). I think everything is OK for v480 model (infrared is still in my plans).

Want to flash it? Go to the link below and don’t forget to read instructions (specially v490 new users).

This is our Christmas gift to you all 😀

CyanogenMod for LG G Pad 8.0

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Update: CyanogenMod 14.1 v480 20161215 – TimeKeep

Hello, all!

Thanks to Dan Pasanen (invisiblek), the time/date bug is fixed. Since Qualcomm chipsets have read-only RTC drivers, there is a need to use TimeKeep to store time delta related to hardware RTC.

If you already have a previous version of CM-14.1 installed, just download the updated ZIP file and flash it. If you are still using stock ROM and want to flash CM, just follow the instructions in the link below:

CyanogenMod for LG G Pad 8.0 (v480)

Happy flashing!

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CM-14.1 (Android Nougat) for v480 is ready!

Hello, all!

Good news tonight! CyanogenMod 14.1 is ready for LG G Pad 8!!!

Today morning I got a booting build for v480. Checked everything during the afternoon and decided this build was OK to be published.

After struggling to make CM 13 work with no success, happily, I could make CM 14.1 work. 😀

No more talking! Let’s go to action. The same old instructions still apply for this build. There is no need to update TWRP Recovery. Just remember: if you are using CM 12.1, wipe your data, flash CM 14.1 and update GApps package. Follow the link below and happy flashing 🙂

CyanogenMod for LG G Pad 8.0 (v480)

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Update: CyanogenMod 12.1 v480 20161120

Hello, all!

This is another security update for our v480 CyanogenMod port. 🙂

If you already have a previous version of this port, just download the updated ZIP file and flash it. If you are still using stock ROM and want to flash CM, just follow the instructions in the link below:

CyanogenMod for LG G Pad 8.0 (v480)

Happy flashing!

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CyanogenMod porting status (v480)

Hello, LG G Pad 8 (aka v480) users!

Recently I have fixed the screen bug in CM12 for v480. CM13 is still not working and CM14 is being developed by the official devs. So, what’s next for v480 port?

I have spent a lot of time trying to make CM13 work with no success. Now I am late, CM14 can be already downloaded for several devices and I think that still trying CM13 will be a waste of time. So, I decided to skip CM13 and start porting CM14 (I already downloaded the source tree). I think this is the most intelligent decision by now.

The problem is that I’m very busy because of my work (this week I have to check my students final exams, finish a paper and prepare some documents for next year’s classes). So, I can’t start porting right now.

By the end of November, things will be better for me. So, this week, the only thing you will see is a security update for CM12 (unless the AOSP security patch doesn’t come this week). I intend to start porting CM14 by November 21.

The good thing is that I haven’t quit this port. I’ll try to make it live as long as I can!

Happy Halloween to you all 😀

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