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  1. Hi!!

    Someone have told me that with the new nighty for V480 of 24 of march 2017 dont’t have touchscreen issues and works better and faster

    I wonder if you try to port this nighty for v480 or v400 version to v490 touchscreen issues should dissapear.


  2. Thank you and for your work.

    I never thought that we could have a custom rom in our LG G PAD 10″ LTE v490. Otherwise I don’t understand why Lineage don’t build a ROM for our tablets.

    Bye thank you.

    • That’s because this e-mail address doesn’t exist šŸ˜‰

      Post it to something like pastebin.com and share the URL here.

  3. Hi!!

    In other forums of othes devices,people also complaint about touchscreen’s issues of lineage OS.

    So. Don’t hesitate, we are not in a final version of Lineage OS.

    They will improve this ROM!!

  4. I’m very glad because we have a custom rom for our LG G PAD V490.

    I thought that we never could have one.

    So. All we can to do is to say thatk you to the creator of this port of Lineage OS for our devices.

  5. I was really hoping, somebody had fixed the touchscreen issues by now.
    But it is still as bad as before and makes this device almost unusable.
    Still the same as shown on the youtube videos of “Tester” above

  6. Do you still need a logcat because of the touchscreen issue?
    I also have problems with the touchscreen, unfortunately I just found this thread after going to CM 12.1 where it works perfect.

    I don’t want to install lineage again, if you don’t need it any more. So please let me know.

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