Google Setup Wizard crashes

Hello, guys! If you are experiencing Google Setup Wizard crashes after flashing LineageOS, then read this.

Google Setup Wizard (the wizard that asks for your Google account and tries to restore apps and configuration from other devices) is crashing in devices with 1 GB of RAM or less (that’s the case of LG G Pad 8). To properly boot your tablet, you will need to do the following:

1) Enter recovery mode (TWRP) and format /system (tap “Wipe”, “Advanced”).
2) Flash LineageOS ONLY (don’t flash GApps).
3) Boot your device.
4) After the first boot, enter recovery again and then flash GApps.

Google Setup Wizard will not run and you will be able to use LineageOS in your tablet šŸ™‚

Leave a comment below if you have any doubts.

3 Comments on “Google Setup Wizard crashes

  1. Resolveu meu problema
    Ja estava ficando maluco sem meu tablet
    O mercado de tablets teve uma queda e ta difĆ­cil achar um bom e atual q rode Android

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