v480 official build

An official build is available for v480. To download it, just go to LineageOS official download site.

If you are already running an unofficial build (or a CM build), you must flash the experimental ZIP first. It will prepare your device to receive the official signed update. After flashing experimental, boot once and you can then reboot to recovery and flash the last nightly. By doing so, you can migrate from unofficial to official build.

Or you can just wipe all your data and flash the official build directly. 🙂

After flashing the official build, you can install the next updates via OTA.

28 Comments on “v480 official build

    • I can’t say that, because we don’t have an official maintainer for it yet. Since I don’t have a v490 to test stuff, I can’t be its maintainer.

  1. Hi and thanks for that great build!
    I wrote you before because of some problems with your cm-builds. Most problems are gone now with LAos. Even the touch works fine for me. Strangely, the hardest part was installing the new image. I still run the older twrp version. Updating does not work because kingroot fails to root the device now with Laos. And it took several attemps till laos booted up correctly. I also waited long enough to rebuild dalvik cache. No idea what went wrong. The newest build from february 8th won’t work as well, also the ota crashed the device so that i had to flash the older image again manually. What are the improvements of the nghtly-builds?
    I think i am going to keep the running version installed as it is.

    Nevertheless, allover it is a great build, THANKS again for the great work!

  2. Hey man! Appreciate the work you do, it is really impressive! Just wondering if you are considering moving to XDA? That way maybe more people would be able to know there is now an offical build, but also maybe build a community around this device over time 🙂


  3. Strongly do recommend to NOT INSTALL THIS ROM.

    it totally fcks up the touchscreen functionality ( very bad response ) + even worse there is no way back to the STOCK version.

    So all you can hope for is, that they fix this touchscreen problem.

    • Unfortunately, I have to disagree.

      1) I’m using this ROM in my v480 since my first CM-12.1 build, on March 2016. I have no touchscreen issues. Really, don’t know what’s happening in your device, but mine works perfectly. The only issue I have experienced was related to LiveDisplay, which can be disabled in Settings.

      2) You’re wrong when you say there is no way back to stock. If you read the section in my blog that explains how to install LineageOS, you will see instructions to downgrade to KitKat. Just follow that instructions to get back to stock.

      It’s very disappoint to read this kind of comment after about one year of work to help other people. I could just have made this build and kept it with me for my own use, but I decided to give it back to community, even if this makes me vulnerable to this kind of behavior.

      Anyway, I’m glad to receive feedback. Several users have reported me some issues that I’m trying to solve and make this port better, but I can’t solve a bug that I can’t reproduce. Sorry.

      At last, people, don’t get this as “I don’t want to hear your complains”. As I said, feedback is good, just try to be polite.

    • Repaired download mode!

      I found a way to restore download mode on my device. I used the original LG 480 kdz file, extracted the laf_278528.bin file from there and followed instructions.
      Now I have download mode again and could go back to stock rom, where touchscreen workes perfect again!!!

      So the touchscreen response problem was definitely was a problem caused by the lineageOS 14.1 ROM

    • Dude are you serious? Why this harsh tone? There are plenty of people having a good experience with this rom, so why not tone the critcism a little bit? The developer is working on this free, and the project has come a long since it started. Seriosly man, have some respect.

    • Just is working for the community on a voluntary basis. We should be thankful for the good work and dedication. Be less rude.

  4. There is no reason for me to make this up. I am polite. I just want nobody else to mess up this great tablet.

    1) You once wrote, there are more people having touchscreen issues. Touch is not responding properly.

    Even simple clicks on pics in the gallery need 3-5 attempts sometimes. Marking words in a text is almost impossible. and so on…

    On stock it worked perfect.
    Maybe you forgot how good the stock rom works and got used to the bad responding.

    2. I tried everything to reinstall stock rom. Since I flashes your rom, I don’t even get into download mode.
    “Turn off your tablet. Hold volume up and plug the tablet in your PC USB port. Keep holding volume up until you see the firmware update screen.” THIS IS NOT WORKING ANYMORE

    I appriciate your effort. But I have to tell the truth here.

    • Yes, more people reported this issue, but it just doesn’t happen with me. And no, I’m not used to its bad response, my device’s touchscreen just works fine. But, the other people who told me about this problem were using a v490 tablet, I have a v480 only. Will ask Andrew, who has a v490, if he is having this issue.

      Also, I’ve just performed the procedure to enter download mode and it worked, too. Maybe there is something wrong in your device.

      • Just found this:

        GUILHERME says:
        28 January 2017 at 08:19
        What changed in the new version for v480 (20170125)?
        My touchscreen is a little unresponsive, its kinda hard to click on small things and long clicking, feels weird, idk.


  5. newest problem.
    lastest update lineage-14.1-20170223-nightly-v480-signed.zip leads to a dead “black screen” after reboot.
    Had to reflash the old lineage-14.1-20170214-..

  6. He utilizado esta rom estas ultimas semanas en sus respectivss versiones.Un unico detalle,en todas ellas el wifi se desconecta 2 o 3 veces al dia.Agradecido por tu trabajo.
    Saludos desde uruguay

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