CM-14.1 for v400

Hello, everyone!

A guy asked me about v400 this week. v400 had CM-13 official builds, but no CM-14.1, although its source is still in CyanogenMod’s Github repo. The problem is that no maintainer has this device to test changes and maintain official builds.

So, I got its source tree and built it! Saulo, the guy who asked me about it tested and told me it is working. The build is in the link below.

WARNING: This is what I call a blind build (I don’t have the device to test).

I can keep monthly builds for this, just to help v400 owners. I’ll create a section for this device here. If you want to know how to onstall this build, check CyanogenMod’s wiki.

CM-14.1 for v400 screenshot
CM-14.1 for v400 screenshot

17 Comments on “CM-14.1 for v400

  1. Thank you very much for supporting this device, I was looking forward for some CM14 builds!! I’d love to see future build if it’s not too much trouble for you. Thanks!

  2. I maintain all other ROMs for v400, AFAIK its not because of lack of maintainer, invisiblek has been doing it for years, it’s the weird bug. Even tho v410 and v400 use the same hardware, camcorder on v400 does not work while v410 is fine. I got some log but I don’t have time to look fully into this issue. Ill do so once I sort out my other stuff

    • Hi. I can’t merge this patch because I can’t test it (I need to have such a device to check if everything works fine). But you can tell me what device you have and I can make a build with this patch for you (but it won’t go official).

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