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  1. Hey cara, eu tenho um V490 com lollipop, ja esta rooteado eu posso fazer flashar com 5.0 ou é obrigado a fazer o downgrade?

  2. Maybe you have an idea how to make it working on v496, I change the device model in script but it boots to fastboot. when I don’t write boot.img it tries to boot but stucks on loading need to replace the kernel I think.


    • Probably it has a different hardware. You should check this (CPU, GPU, touchscreen, etc.). If this is the case, you have to port the kernel code.

      • Is there a simplified way to utilize this ROM with the V496? I am very new to the custom ROM community and would like to revitalize this device.

  3. Hi, I am very interested in upgrading Android 4.4.2 on my V490 to LineageOS 14.1, however, I am concerned about its snappiness. How do both systems compare to each other?

  4. Is there a simple way to get this rom on v495? Im very new to the custom ROM community and Im wishing to use a different OS on this old device.

  5. I had posted on the other v490 topic about how slow the tablet was. Well i reinstalled everything from scratch used your updated patch and also used a pico opengapps installation and it is much much better!!!!
    I don’t know whether it was your update or the less google apps or both. One issue i had was that although now the location works it is not 100% accurate.
    Great job though and it is very cool to own a v490 with Nougat installed and running smoothly! thank you very much and keep up the hard job!!!

  6. Hello! Thank you for still updating and maintaining this rom for such an old device (V490 here)! I do not seem to have a lot of speed issues and i guess it has to do with your updates and that this time i used a lighter gapps installation. What i still cannot make to work as i do not know how(tried a lot of apps) is the automatic wifi connectivity which does not work (also sometimes it disconnects while connected and then never connects back on its own) and also although the gps now shows a place on the map it is approximately 15km away from where i am.To be honest i never tried it in an actual course but i guess it will not work. Still you have done an amazing job and thank you again!

  7. Amigo, disculpa la molestia, pero podrias indicarme desde donde bajar la ultima version disponible de tu rom. Desde ya muchas gracias.

  8. Hello again!

    It turns out that the gps actually works, cudos on that!!! It seems that there is a problem only where i live and it will not locate the house properly. I guess its a map issue. Still no luck with finding an autoconnect app for the wifi. Still going strong, thank you!!!

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