v490 updates are back

Hello, all!

I’ve had some problems in my home PC, so I haven’t uploaded any new v490 build. Now, things are working fine again and there is a fresh new v490 update šŸ™‚

The procedure is the same. Just follow to LineageOS for LG G Pad 8 page and download the new ZIP file.

Have a nice flashing!

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9 comments on “v490 updates are back
  1. Rhuan says:

    I can flash my V490 with android 5.0? I didn’t downgrade yet.

  2. Rua says:

    I can flash my V490 with android 5.0? I didn’t downgrade yet šŸ™

  3. Rhuan says:

    Hey cara, eu tenho um V490 com lollipop, ja esta rooteado eu posso fazer flashar com 5.0 ou Ć© obrigado a fazer o downgrade?

  4. Karsten says:

    Works like a charm! Thanks!

  5. Roman says:

    Maybe you have an idea how to make it working on v496, I change the device model in script but it boots to fastboot. when I don’t write boot.img it tries to boot but stucks on loading need to replace the kernel I think.


    • just says:

      Probably it has a different hardware. You should check this (CPU, GPU, touchscreen, etc.). If this is the case, you have to port the kernel code.

  6. Panos says:

    Hello! Thank you for still updating and maintaining this rom for such an old device (V490 here)! I do not seem to have a lot of speed issues and i guess it has to do with your updates and that this time i used a lighter gapps installation. What i still cannot make to work as i do not know how(tried a lot of apps) is the automatic wifi connectivity which does not work (also sometimes it disconnects while connected and then never connects back on its own) and also although the gps now shows a place on the map it is approximately 15km away from where i am.To be honest i never tried it in an actual course but i guess it will not work. Still you have done an amazing job and thank you again!

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