G Pad 8 ports and the future: LineageOS

Hello, all.

Many may be confused about the end of CyanogenMod project and the beginning of LineageOS. I’ll try to clarify some things in this post.

1) LineageOS is the continuation of CyanogenMod project. Since Cyanogen, Inc. has the copyright of “CyanogenMod”‘s name, it is being re-branded. Just that. The same team that have been working on CyanogenMod will work on LineageOS.

2) The same devices that had a CyanogenMod port will have a LineageOS port. I’ll keep maintaining v480 officially and v490 unofficially (since I don’t have a v490 device to make tests, I can’t make it official. Thanks to Andrew, there is a v490 port).

3) I’m not v400 maintainer and I didn’t port it. It was previously ported by invisiblek. I just compiled it from source, so v400 users could have CM-14.1. I can keep doing this in LineageOS, but keep in mind that I’m not v400 maintainer.

4) A LineageOS port for v480 and v490 will take some time to happen for two reasons: LineageOS infrastructure is still being built and I’m going for vacation in January. ūüôā

Follow this link for a more complete explanation about LineageOS (it’s written in Italian, but Google Translator can help you).

Happy New Year!

3 Comments on “G Pad 8 ports and the future: LineageOS

  1. Thank you for clarifying this.

    Now we just have to wait until everything’s back to normal and the builds starts to pop out. Two devices here are waiting for this. Moto G 2014 and LG V400

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