CyanogenMod porting status (v480)

Hello, LG G Pad 8 (aka v480) users!

Recently I have fixed the screen bug in CM12 for v480. CM13 is still not working and CM14 is being developed by the official devs. So, what’s next for v480 port?

I have spent a lot of time trying to make CM13 work with no success. Now I am late, CM14 can be already downloaded for several devices and I think that still trying CM13 will be a waste of time. So, I decided to skip CM13 and start porting CM14 (I already downloaded the source tree). I think this is the most intelligent decision by now.

The problem is that I’m very busy because of my work (this week I have to check my students final exams, finish a paper and prepare some documents for next year’s classes). So, I can’t start porting right now.

By the end of November, things will be better for me. So, this week, the only thing you will see is a security update for CM12 (unless the AOSP security patch doesn’t come this week). I intend to start porting CM14 by November 21.

The good thing is that I haven’t quit this port. I’ll try to make it live as long as I can!

Happy Halloween to you all ūüėÄ

9 Comments on “CyanogenMod porting status (v480)

  1. Nice work, I pretend to install it soon. How much GB it consumes when installed? System Data on original Lollipop Stock ROM consumes 8,96GB more than half of the memory.

  2. After you got everything working, you can take a look into the v490, the lte version? Or do you prefer working on the stability of the v480?

    Just asking.

    • I may try to build a port for v490, but as I don’t have that device, it will be a problem to test.

      If anyone who owns a v490 could help, I would make a build and send to him to check if it is working fine. But I’ll do it only after porting CM14.1 to v480.

  3. Olá, seu que a comunidade e em inglês, mas como mais entendo do que escrevo, vou testar e fico empolgado pelo seu trabalho, parabéns!.

  4. I’ve installed it today and it’s working perfectly, It won 5,000 points compared to the original rom on Antutu. It’s faster, smaller and prettier, Thank You so much! =D
    The only con that I’ve found it’s that IR it’s not working, I’ve made a back up of quick remote of original rom but it crashes on this CM Rom, I’ve installed other apps from Play Store and It shows a message saying that it not found my IR device. My TV controller is broken so I’m missing this function =/

    • Yes, it won’t work. CM ROM doesn’t have those special features implemented by some manufacturers. Anyway, I have plans to try to make it work in the future.

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