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MobSink 1.4

MobSink 1.4 released! This version brings new features: Sensor control: you can create dynamic sensors that changes relevance levels and activity over time. Import maps from OpenStreetMaps, to create simulations in real world cities. Traffic control: simulate traffic jams in

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v490 updates

Hello all, and Happy New Year! šŸ™‚ It’s been a while from the last v490 update. I’ve had some issues at the end of last year and forgot to make a December build: My Nexus 5 has died: I was

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Wireless visual sensor networks for smart city applications: A relevance-based approach for multiple sinks mobility

The paper "Wireless visual sensor networks for smart city applications: A relevance-based approach for multiple sinks mobility" is available for free from ScienceDirect until July 27th, 2017. Follow the link below to get the full paper:,3q5xOVhK Abstract Nowadays, the

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Google Setup Wizard crashes

Hello, guys! If you are experiencing Google Setup Wizard crashes after flashing LineageOS, then read this. Google Setup Wizard (the wizard that asks for your Google account and tries to restore apps and configuration from other devices) is crashing in

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New build for v490

Hello, everyone! There is a new build for v490 this week. Some people contacted me recently to inform that the last build for v490 (20170409) was not working. Actually, TWRP refused to install it because of some date error. An

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Development news

Hello, everyone. In this post, I’ll talk about the development of both MobSink and LineageOS. First of all, I’ve made new builds of TWRP for v480 and v490. It is now version 3.1.0-0 and you can download it via the

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New TWRP images

Hello, guys. This week I’ve built new TWRP images for v480 and v490. These are 3.0.3-0 version. So, why would you update your device’s recovery to this new version? For v480 users, the best answer is "to get LineageOS OTA

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About touchscreen issues

Hello, all. I’ve recorded a video talking about the touchscreen issues some users have reported. In my video, I demonstrate that I’m not experiencing this issue and also, I show how can these users can help me solve this problem

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v480 official build

An official build is available for v480. To download it, just go to LineageOS official download site. If you are already running an unofficial build (or a CM build), you must flash the experimental ZIP first. It will prepare your

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LineageOS for G Pad 8: next builds

Hello, everyone! Let me talk about next builds of LineageOS for G Pad 8 (both Wi-Fi and LTE). An official build for v480 will be ready soon. Until there, I’ll provide unofficial builds through this site (I have made a

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