LineageOS 14.1 for v400 (G Pad 7 Wi-Fi)

Hello, v400 users!

Today I’ve built LineageOS for v400 using the device source tree in LineageOS GitHub. Saulo has tested it and he says it’s working fine.

So, since I’m not v400 maintainer, what can I do for you? I will make monthly builds using the source tree above and upload it to this server. I won’t make announcements of new builds, so you will have to check the downloads directory.

The download directory which contains v400 builds is:

In this directory you will find the old CM-14.1 ZIP (I always keep my old files) and the monthly LineageOS ZIPs. If this device gets weekly official builds, I will stop building by my own. I’m only doing this to help v400 users. I won’t make changes to its code nor fix things since I don’t have this device to test.

Anyway, happy flashing! šŸ™‚

LineageOS 14.1 for LG G Pad 7 (Wi-Fi) "About tablet" screenshot

LineageOS 14.1 for LG G Pad 7 (Wi-Fi) “About tablet” screenshot

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14 comments on “LineageOS 14.1 for v400 (G Pad 7 Wi-Fi)
  1. Felipe P. says:

    Thank you very much for this!!

  2. bilgem says:

    Hi I tested it but this rom not root (only adb)Please check Thank you for your interest

  3. bilgem says:

    I understand thank you very much for your reply I will try it now…

  4. bilgem says:

    I have never encountered any problems. Thanks for helping me. For ROM Will you continue to be current?

  5. bilgem says:

    Ok.I waiting have a nice day…

  6. Gordan says:

    Can you provide build instructions for building CM-14.1 for V400 from source?

  7. bilgem says:

    V480 rom to v400 can be installed?

  8. Leigh says:

    Thank you for your work.

    It has the bug where the WiFi doesn’t automatically connect when powered on, I’m guessing that it’s from the v480 port. Is there an easy fix?

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