LineageOS 14.1 for v480 and v490

Hello, all! New LineageOS builds are ready!

What changed? Nothing but its name. There is nothing new yet since CM-14.1.

The ZIP files and install instructions can be found in LineageOS page of this blog.

Have a nice flashing! 🙂

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38 comments on “LineageOS 14.1 for v480 and v490
  1. kermit says:

    at first I want to thank you very much for your great work, it definelty gave my tablet a second live!

    Since a few days / weeks I realised some problem with the wifi on tha tab. It was not any more able to do an automated reconnection to known networks. I did some investigations on this and foud out, this is since the version 14.1-20161215. The version before behaves as expected and always does the auto reconnection on knows wifi’s. All newer versions have this problem.

    Is this problem knows, or does anybody else have this problem as well?

    many thanks!

  2. Saulo says:

    Please don’t forget my V400. 😉

  3. fixed says:

    Main issue: touchscreen is not responding properly!

    Will this be fixed?

  4. MaxiM says:

    Thanks a ton for the ROM, works great so far! Only thing though, root access is limited to ADB only, any chance you’ll look into that? :]

  5. Diego says:

    Great rom gave new life to my tablet … almost smooth … congratulations for the great work … will there be more buillds?

  6. Radomir says:

    Jyi you can download su zip file from lineage od download page from extras.

  7. fixed says:

    Using V480 – touchscreen is not responding properly with this ROM

  8. notfixed says:

    tried update
    Looks buggy. Can not even open Setting or Playstore

  9. Radomir says:

    Wifi tetchering dont work for v490

  10. Radomir says:

    *wifi hotspot. Sorry for mistake.

  11. Tom says:

    Thank you very very much!
    After 2 days of trial and error and made it and now have a speedy, shiny new LineageOS on my sluggisch v480!! Thanks thanks thanks thanks!!!

  12. MaxiM says:

    Little update on my experience – lack of root is painful, but that’s to be expected. The other, arguably MORE important thing is buggy auto-rotation of the screen. Doesn’t work 9 out of 10 times. I have to use an app for that now.

    • just says:

      Which device?

      • MaxiM says:

        V490. It w\only works right after flashing the OS but after first sleep it goes fubar. I have to use Rotation Control app.

        P.S. I have used the official SU package from LineageOS website in the end – worked like a charm.

  13. Makis says:

    Thanks for the great work! It is working fine on my V490! I have a question though, is there any way to turn on the adaptive brightness??

  14. MaxiM says:

    After extensive testing – ROM is quite unstable on v490. Many apps crash or cause the tablet to restart. Other times the screen goes bonkers (shakes and such) along with the touchscreen (touch position does not correspond the physical touch or doesn’t register at all). Doesn’t happen very often but it’s definitely a thing.

    • notfixed says:

      Same here on V480. It seems like Prof. Just is the only one not having the touchscreen problems. My guess is, he forgot how good it workes on stock rom.
      Apps crash too.
      I have had many custom roms – mainly CM – on different devices and never had this touchscreen issues.

      I am back on stock rom and hope they get it fixed, then I might try again.

  15. Albe says:

    Pls fix it gpu driver… Video playng verry slow..(sorry my bad english)

  16. Rocky says:

    I’ve tried lineage-14.1-20170922-nightly on the V480 with 7.1 open gaaps pico and want to give my feedback.

    When I install lineage and gaaps in one run (with TWRP) as recommended, I can’t go through the setup wizard (setup wizard has stopped working). I found this on xda, but killing the android setup wizard doesn’t work:

    It just works, if I first install lineage alone and go through the setupwizard and then reboot and install the gaaps.

    2. Wifi reconnect problem for known networks.
    After installing lineage alone without gaaps the wifi reconnect works fine. After installing the gaaps the wifi reconnect doesn’t work. I’ve tried the installation several times. One time the wifi reconnect works also after installing the gaaps but after installing some apps from the playstore the wifi reconnect doesn’t work. Deinstalling the apps doesn’t helped.

    3. The accuracy of the display touch is not good. It is difficult to hit small links or buttons.

    Switched currently to your latest CM 12.1. For the first day I can say, this is working great. Doublefast then the stock-lollipop and also no problems with wifi and the display touch accuracy is great.

    • just says:

      1) Some people think this is because updated Setup Wizard is not working in less than 1 GB RAM devices. What I always do is to install LineageOS first, boot, then install GApps.

      2) I am aware of this. Still trying to fix.

      3) This is a bug I can’t reproduce. I don’t see any inaccuracy in touch, also, the touch driver code is the same as in CM-12.1.

  17. rainyday says:

    Hello, is there a possible way to get LineageOS on the v496?

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