Update: CyanogenMod 12.1 v480 20161120

Hello, all!

This is another security update for our v480 CyanogenMod port. 🙂

If you already have a previous version of this port, just download the updated ZIP file and flash it. If you are still using stock ROM and want to flash CM, just follow the instructions in the link below:

CyanogenMod for LG G Pad 8.0 (v480)

Happy flashing!

6 Comments on “Update: CyanogenMod 12.1 v480 20161120

  1. First, i am happy to have found somebody who ported cm to v480.
    Now after flashing, i am facing several issues. PC-Connection does not work, i am trying to fix that myself first, just to let you know.

    Also, the Touchscreen reacts less accurate than before flashing, especially when using opera Browser. I turned on the visual feedback in developer options, strangely even if the screen shows the feedback for touch, the Browser often does not react at all. I have to tap several times or in an very special way, hard to describe. Another issue is, that the YouTube APP Stopps playback in every Video after some seconds and crashes completly after several tries. Reinstallation die not help.

    Maybe this things can be fixed, anyways, if nothing else helps, would it be possible to flash back to original stock Rom?

    Or might this issues be resolved when someday cm14 will be released?

    Thanks anyways for spending your precious time on this project!

    • Hi, I’m glad you are happy 🙂 It’s nice to see people being happy because of something I did.

      So, let’s enumerate the issues:

      1) PC-Connection: you mean the PC software provided by LG to connect to tablet? If yes, I think it won’t work, because it needs some LG apps that are wiped when you install CM. If you mean MTP connection (to transfer files via USB), it is working for me.

      2) Touchscreen: I have had issues with touchscreen in the beginning, but it is working fine now. I did nothing to fix it. Anyway, I’ll install Opera browser to check if this happens to me too.

      3) YouTube stopping and sometimes crashing: yes, this is happening and I didn’t figure out what’s the cause yet. As soon as I find a fix to it, I’ll upload a new ZIP file.

      Thanks for the feedback, this is very important to improve the build 🙂

      • Hi and thanks for that realy fast answer.

        1. Problem was/is in fact, that Win7 does not recognize the device properly in the device manager as an MTP-Device. Reinstalling the LG Drivers did not work as well. But i found out that this behaviour happens to a lot of different devices on cm12.1.
        I also read in other forums that the devices get recognized, if booted into twrp. Strangely this also works for me and i can live with that option.
        It seems like a random issue that sometimes just happens. Also reflashing the same rom helped some people (but i already configured a lot and did not like to do all these steps again right now).

        2. I am going to wait a little, maybe it is going to work fine soon, too. It didn’t just happen in the opera browser, but i have the feeling that these touch-issues happen a lot more often there than in other cases of use.

        3. I can also live with using youtube via the browser, this works so far. But i thougt it might be a point which was worth mentioning.

        Again, i like to thank you very much for your fast answer and for spending your time on this project!

        I hope the porting of cm14 will work more fluid for you than the attempts of getting cm13 to run.

        Kind regards!

        • Hello again 🙂

          As my device is “bricked” while I’m trying to port CM14 (make changes, flash, test and repeat this process until device boots), I haven’t tested anything yet. Anyway, I think I’m almost done with CM14.

          About USB connection, as I use Ubuntu, I haven’t noticed this. Anyway, I have Win7 in VirtualBox, so I can test it as soon I get CM14 working.

          If you find any other problem/bug, tell me 🙂

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