MobSink 1.4

MobSink 1.4 released!

This version brings new features:

  • Sensor control: you can create dynamic sensors that changes relevance levels and activity over time.
  • Import maps from OpenStreetMaps, to create simulations in real world cities.
  • Traffic control: simulate traffic jams in your WSN and sinks will have to find a better route.
  • New user interface.

Also, Windows binaries are available. Go to MobSink page to get download links and check its features.

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v490 updates

Hello all, and Happy New Year! 🙂

It’s been a while from the last v490 update. I’ve had some issues at the end of last year and forgot to make a December build:

  • My Nexus 5 has died: I was trying to fix its Wi-Fi hardware and happened to broke the whole thing. Now I’m struggling with a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Duos TV (long name, shitty hardware) until I buy a new phone. A good new phone in Brazil costs too much and some good brands are not available here (no Pixel, for example). I want to buy a OnePlus 5T soon from GearBest.
  • LineageOS 15.0 for LG G Pad 8: until now, mycax could make it boot, but no Wi-Fi and no sensors at all. He tried to use a modified aboot image but the device bricked. I’m gonna go back to work with him on this next month.
  • Co-advisor in a MS work: currently, I am spending much of my time being a Co-advisor Professor in a MS work. This is top priority for now.

I wish you all a happy flashing! 🙂

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Wireless visual sensor networks for smart city applications: A relevance-based approach for multiple sinks mobility

The paper "Wireless visual sensor networks for smart city applications: A relevance-based approach for multiple sinks mobility" is available for free from ScienceDirect until July 27th, 2017. Follow the link below to get the full paper:,3q5xOVhK


Nowadays, the major cities of the world have to solve problems that were unthinkable in past decades. Due to the population growing rate, new issues are still arising, but technology can be used to address such issues and improve life quality in big cities. In that scenario, surveillance is a highly desired service and most governments are already using different types of devices to provide high levels of security. Wireless Visual Sensor Networks (WVSN) can be used to monitor every part of a city without the cost of running cables all over it. However, there must be an efficient way to gather all information collected by the sensors and cameras, with reduced energy consumption and average latency. This work proposes a new algorithm to position multiple mobile sinks in WVSN deployed along roads and streets. A relevance-based approach was designed to position sinks closer to source nodes with higher sensing relevance, since they are expected to transmit more data packets. The proposed algorithm can detect forbidden and disconnected zones, making sure sinks will be positioned in permitted areas, which makes this approach very suitable for realistic smart city applications.

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Google Setup Wizard crashes

Hello, guys! If you are experiencing Google Setup Wizard crashes after flashing LineageOS, then read this.

Google Setup Wizard (the wizard that asks for your Google account and tries to restore apps and configuration from other devices) is crashing in devices with 1 GB of RAM or less (that’s the case of LG G Pad 8). To properly boot your tablet, you will need to do the following:

1) Enter recovery mode (TWRP) and format /system (tap “Wipe”, “Advanced”).
2) Flash LineageOS ONLY (don’t flash GApps).
3) Boot your device.
4) After the first boot, enter recovery again and then flash GApps.

Google Setup Wizard will not run and you will be able to use LineageOS in your tablet 🙂

Leave a comment below if you have any doubts.

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New build for v490

Hello, everyone! There is a new build for v490 this week.

Some people contacted me recently to inform that the last build for v490 (20170409) was not working. Actually, TWRP refused to install it because of some date error. An user has sent me a photo of his device screen and I could see that TWRP informed the date in Brazilian Portuguese format. So I figured out that maybe it had something to do with the fact that I changed Ubuntu language settings recently.

I got back to English and made a new build yesterday. If you had problems installing the 20170409 build, try installing this new one:

If anything goes wrong again, just leave a comment below.

Happy flashing 🙂

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Development news

Hello, everyone. In this post, I’ll talk about the development of both MobSink and LineageOS.

First of all, I’ve made new builds of TWRP for v480 and v490. It is now version 3.1.0-0 and you can download it via the links below:

Also, as promised, there is a monthly unofficial build for v490, which you can download via the link in this blog’s LineageOS page.

Currently I’m trying to fix the Wi-Fi bug that prevents the device to automatically connect to a known Wi-Fi network. I suppose it is related to the vendor blobs I’m using. I also tried to make some improvement to touchscreen, since some people are reporting bad responses. I got some logcats from two of these users, but it gives no clue about the problem. Anyway, I’ll try again later (Wi-Fi is priority).

At last, MobSink is having some improvements for the new version. In this week, I coded a command-line tool to convert OpenStreetMap XML files to MobSink XML, so we can use real maps to simulate a Relevance-based WSN. Also, MobSink now allows to create a relevance schedule for sensors in a WSN (this will be documented this week in MobSink page).

That’s what I have to say by now. If you have any question, write a comment below.

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New TWRP images

Hello, guys. This week I’ve built new TWRP images for v480 and v490. These are 3.0.3-0 version.

So, why would you update your device’s recovery to this new version? For v480 users, the best answer is "to get LineageOS OTA updates!". For v490 users, there is no special reason, you can still use the older version, since there is no OTA updates for it yet (unless you want to keep your device fully updated).

The download links are below:

Happy flashing! 🙂

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About touchscreen issues

Hello, all. I’ve recorded a video talking about the touchscreen issues some users have reported. In my video, I demonstrate that I’m not experiencing this issue and also, I show how can these users can help me solve this problem (that AFAIK, occurs in some devices, only).

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v480 official build

An official build is available for v480. To download it, just go to LineageOS official download site.

If you are already running an unofficial build (or a CM build), you must flash the experimental ZIP first. It will prepare your device to receive the official signed update. After flashing experimental, boot once and you can then reboot to recovery and flash the last nightly. By doing so, you can migrate from unofficial to official build.

Or you can just wipe all your data and flash the official build directly. 🙂

After flashing the official build, you can install the next updates via OTA.

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LineageOS for G Pad 8: next builds

Hello, everyone! Let me talk about next builds of LineageOS for G Pad 8 (both Wi-Fi and LTE).

An official build for v480 will be ready soon. Until there, I’ll provide unofficial builds through this site (I have made a new build yesterday, you can download it now). As soon as we get an official build, I’ll make a post to tell everyone. Official builds will be made in a weekly basis and will be provided by LineageOS official download site.

v490 is not official. I’ll keep making monthly builds just like I was doing for v480.

So, how to know if there is a new build for v490? Just check LineageOS for LG G Pad 8 page. I won’t make a post for every new build anymore because there is no need to it.

As stated in a previous post (and in some comments), LineageOS doesn’t ship root anymore. But, they are now providing an official root package in Extras section of LineageOS download site. For v4xx devices, you will need the arm version. There is also an unroot package.

Before anyone asks, v400 unofficial builds will also be provided in a monthly basis and you can check them in

Happy flashing 🙂

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